The menu of beers being sampled on Saturday

We’re pleased to reveal the identity of the four local craft beers featured at the talk & tasting with Dr Dawn Maskell this Saturday night in St Mary’s Church. These are the beers we’ll be sampling, together the breweries’ tasting notes:

Benchmark Session IPA | Wold Top Brewery

“As well as setting the standard for our future session IPAs, this highly hopped yet drinkable session IPA pays homage to the surveyors ‘benchmark’ found on the windowsill of our farm house here at WT HQ which has been used as a reference point in measuring the altitude in our local area. Hop forward flavours are key in this beer which uses Chinook and Cascade hops to create floral and citrus notes alongside our home grown malt.” 

Saazy Blonde | Bricknell Brewery

“This beer is available throughout the year but is ideal summer drinking and one to tempt lager drinkers into trying some proper beer!  Pale malt, together with caramalt and wheat malt, produce a straw-coloured beer.  Saaz hops from the Czech Republic provide minimal bitterness and a lovely aroma.”

Oddfellows Red | (East Yorkshire Beer)

“Our Oddfellows Yorkshire Red named after an iconic pub on Trinity lane, Beverley, opened in 1753 and closed in 2013. I researched old ales and came across a red ale brewed using lighter roast barley which gave the ale a red glow as opposed to most of the older dark ales. Using the finest Maris Otter base malt, a healthy addition of darker crystal malt, lots of Wheat and extra Oats. Lightly hopped using English Goldings and Fuggle hops. The Malts are the star of the show, toffee and caramel aftertaste”

 Venn – Helles Lager | Atom

“Pale, golden and crisp with a sweet malty roundness. Brewed using traditional noble hops for a spicy floral flavour and light bitterness to balance.”

Tickets are still available. Don’t miss this special chance to learn more about the science (and magic) of beer production from an expert in the field of brewing.

Published by Roland Deller

Director of Development at St Mary's Church Beverley and Founder of New Paths Music

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